Our purpose and values

At Endeavour Energy, our purpose and values form the basis of everything we do and how we do it.

Our purpose

To be of service to our communities by efficiently distributing electricity to our customers in a way that is safe, reliable and sustainable.

Our values

Working at Endeavour Energy requires our employees to understand and support our corporate values. These five refreshed values and their associated behaviours are the basis for everything we do.

Safety excellence

  • Put safety as your number one priority 
  • Do not participate in unsafe acts, and challenge unsafe behaviours
  • Think before you act
  • Lead by example
  • Take responsibility for the health and safety of yourself and others

Respect for people

  • Treat all people with respect, dignity, fairness and equity
  • Demonstrate co-operation, trust and support in the workplace
  • Practise open, two-way communication 

Customer and community focus 

  • Deliver value and reliable service to our customers and communities
  • Use resources responsibly and efficiently
  • Be environmentally and socially responsible

Continuous improvement

  • Look for safer and better ways to do your job
  • Improve our financial performance
  • Support innovation to add value to our business   

Act with integrity 

  • Act honestly and ethically in everything you do
  • Be accountable and own your actions
  • Follow the rules and speak up

If you’d like to know more about Endeavour Energy's Values, please download our Code of Conduct.