Energy-saving programs

Endeavour Energy is always looking at new and innovative ways to help our customers use electricity more effectively and efficiently, and reduce use during peak times, saving you money. As a socially responsible business, we develop programs that help our local community trim its energy use, lower its bills and reduce its environmental impact.

CoolSaver program

CoolSaver was an Endeavour Energy community initiative in the Rooty Hill, Glenmore Park, Parklea and Penrith areas that helped customers use electricity more effectively and efficiently, saving them money. It addressed the major challenge of peak demand on particularly hot afternoons, when many households and businesses use
high-energy appliances such as air conditioners at the same time.

The air conditioners of those customers eligible for the program were fitted with a device installed by a qualified technician. On the afternoons of the hottest days of the year, the device automatically adjusted the power supply to the air conditioner, lowering its consumption.

Endeavour Energy selected these ‘Event days’ based on when particularly hot temperatures were expected during the summer period.

Customers were rewarded for joining the program with a cash bonus and a free air conditioner service.

In the Rooty Hill area CoolSaver program, customers were satisfied with the program overall. It achieved an average peak demand reduction of 1.5kVA per customer. This is the equivalent of switching off 22 televisions*.

“I was only just looking at the website and it was interesting reading all the brochures and I thought it was something new and it was only available in the suburbs where I was staying. It was being controlled by Endeavour Energy; I did not have to think about it and received an SMS as to when it was going to happen.” Parthiv

The CoolSaver program is being offered again to customers that participated from the Parklea and Penrith areas during the 2018/2019 summer period. To find out how to register for the new CoolSaver program, click here.

* Based on a 55” LED television with power consumption of 67 watts.

PeakSaver program

PeakSaver was another Endeavour Energy initiative that addressed the issue of peak demand.

In this case, customers participating in the program were invited to reduce their energy consumption in whatever way they could during peak periods. Not only did this save them money, but because they were helping to relieve the load on our network, they were paid a cash incentive per Event day.

During these hottest periods, customers lowered consumption by doing simple things like turning off unnecessary lights and appliances, and delaying tasks such as clothes washing and dishwashing.

In a past PeakSaver program in the Rooty Hill area, customers responded positively to the program with a higher than expected demand reduction per customer. The average peak demand reduction was 1.6kVA per customer.

A more recent PeakSaver program in Glenmore Park was successful in educating customers about saving energy and most customers said they took action during Event days to reduce their energy consumption.

On average, customers reduced their peak time (between 1pm and 8pm) consumption by 3.7kWh on Event days. This is the equivalent of turning off eight televisions* for the whole seven-hour period.

“It wasn’t that hard to comply with and fit into our routine and we got a $150 cheque, so now my wife can buy a special appliance she’s been hanging out to buy.” Gary

The PeakSaver program is running again in selected suburbs in the Penrith area during the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 summer periods, and the 2020 winter period. To find out if your suburb is eligible, click here.

* Based on a 55” LED television with power consumption of 67 watts.

PoolSaver program

Customers in PoolSaver could save on their pool energy costs by switching their pool pump energy supply from Domestic (all-day) supply to Controlled Load 2 (off-peak) supply. Customers were rewarded with a gift card after completing the switch to Controlled Load 2.

In Home Display program

In Home Displays (IHD) help customers actually ‘see’ how much energy they are using. They are small, portable and wireless devices that help everyone in the family save energy in and around the home by letting them:

  • View household electricity consumption as it is happening in an easy to understand format, in real-time,
  • Track household electricity consumption and associated costs over time, and
  • View the impact of individual household devices on electricity consumption.


With such easily accessible, real-time information at their fingertips, IHD helps customers learn more about their energy use and identify ways to maximise energy savings.

Energy Savers program - Demand Management

Through the Energy Savers program, Endeavour Energy offered a free level one energy audit to industrial, commercial and other large users of electricity, as well as financial incentives to those customers who actively participated in the program.

Energy Savers aimed to:

  • Help lower customers’ power bills,
  • Reduce peak electrical demand and environmental impacts,
  • Cut the cost to the community of delivering an electricity network, and
  • Improve the security of the network.


Energy Savers programs that have been carried out in Minto, Arndell Park and Rooty Hill are collectively estimated to have reduced emissions by 46,000 tonnes per year.

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Program success

The demand reduction achieved by the Rooty Hill CoolSaver and PeakSaver programs (0.76MVA) in conjunction with the Rooty Hill Energy Savers program managing commercial and industrial demand (4.28MVA) and a slowing of growth and network switching, led to the North Glendenning Zone Substation being deferred indefinitely, saving Endeavour Energy and our customers more than $23 million.