Understanding what we do

Endeavour Energy builds and operates an electrical network that transports electricity from the high voltage transmission network to customers’ homes and businesses.

What we do

Power plants typically generate electricity a long way from homes and businesses. It is transported at high voltages to bulk supply points over the transmission system operated by TransGrid. 

From here Endeavour Energy transports electricity to our 22 sub-transmission and 155 zone substations. Zone substations, which usually service entire suburbs, transform electricity to mid voltage levels (11,000 volts). 

When electricity arrives at the location where it is required, distribution substations further transform the electricity to 415 or 240 volts. Powerlines then carry this low voltage electricity to consumers for their home, office and factory use.

The electricity supply system

This short video illustrates what Endeavour Energy and other electricity distributors do:

What is a network