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TB 0300 Emergency Showers & Eyewash Systems In Transmission & Zone Substations Oct 14, 2020 The purpose of this bulletin is to state the new requirements for emergency showers and eyewash systems within transmission and zone substations. These requirements consider the justification of this equipment while providing a low-risk safe work environment for all staff.
TB 0290A Changes to the Pre-Summer Program Requirements Aug 28, 2020 TB 0290 has been updated to make a correction to one of the dates published in the previous version (all changes highlighted within the document).
TB 0299 Conduit sizing for transmission cables 33/66/132kV Aug 19, 2020 This technical bulletin is to update Endeavour Energy’s transmission underground transmission mains design standard, MDI 0051.
TB 0296 Maintenance of Non-Navigable Waterways Jul 15, 2020 This technical bulletin is to clarify the maintenance and signage requirements for waterway crossings that Endeavour Energy classifies as “Non-Navigable”.
TB 0297 Current transformers in Siemens 8DJH circuit breaker units Jul 08, 2020 To detail the correct method of installing and verifying the installation of phase and core balanced transformers (CT) in Siemens 8DJH distribution switchgear with circuit breaker function.
TB 0295 Distribution Substation Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Settings Application, Validation & Commissioning May 05, 2020 The purpose of this bulletin is to reduce errors associated with the commissioning of low voltage circuit breakers (LVCB) located within distribution substations. This shall be achieved by ensuring protection settings are correctly applied through revised commissioning and validation processes.
TB 0293 Distribution Joint and Termination Kits May 01, 2020 This Technical Bulletin has been released to update all staff and ASP’s to changes to the approved materials list of LV and HV joint and termination kits.
TB 0294 22kV Distribution Supply Strategy for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Area Apr 29, 2020 This bulletin is to inform Accredited Service Providers (ASP’s) of the strategy to establish a 22kV distribution network in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Area.
TB 0281A Screened Terminations in Safelink Switchgear Apr 24, 2020 To introduce ABB straight screened connectors (terminations) for ABB Safelink switchgear.
TB 0291 Stay wires through LV Circuits Apr 06, 2020 This Technical Bulletin is to clarify the requirements for stays that pass through LV circuits.