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TB 0286 Continuous current ratings for transmission underground cables Nov 21, 2019 This technical bulletin is to update Endeavour Energy’s transmission underground cables continuous current rating standard, MDI 0046.
TB 0288 Changes to 11/22kV Underground Cables Specification Nov 21, 2019 This technical bulletin is to update the content of the 11/22kV cable specification.
TB 0285 LV 4C 240mm2 Underground Cable Insulation Thickness Nov 07, 2019 This technical bulletin is to change the requirements for the insulation thickness of the LV 4C 240mm² underground cable (Stock code SZ15308).
TB 0287 New HV Distribution Fuses for HV Distribution Switchgear Nov 05, 2019 To outline new requirements for 12kV and 24kV fuse-links for all ground mounted High Voltage Distribution switchgear.
TB 0281 Screened Terminations in Safelink Switchgear Oct 29, 2019 To introduce ABB straight screened connectors (terminations) for ABB Safelink switchgear.
TB 0283 Replacement of failed IDEC RH2B-UD Relays Oct 23, 2019 To provide guidance to Protection and Control Technologists on the replacement of failed IDEC interposing relays used to operate Trip and Close coils.
TB 0280 Operation of 13mm style protection links Sep 09, 2019 The purpose of this bulletin is to update all Protection and Control staff on a potential risk when operating the older style protection links with 13mm nuts as shown in the following picture, and the solution to mitigate this risk.
TB 0248A Public Lighting Control Circuits Aug 30, 2019 To define the streetlight control systems required for overhead and underground greenfield projects as well as the management of defects associated with the Public Lighting control points and/or control circuits. Endeavour Energy’s intent is to as far as reasonably practical move all Public Lighting control points to photoelectric cells (PE cell) and remove / reduce the need for additional overhead street lighting circuits. Supersedes TB 0248
TB 0279 Commissioning of 24kV Siemens 8DJH RTRR-C Compact Switchgear Aug 27, 2019 To detail actions following a failure of a telcon termination during commissioning of 24kV Siemens 8DJH RTRR-C compact switchgear.
TB 0278 TB 0278 - Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPC) high visibility coloured indicators Aug 26, 2019 This technical bulletin is to inform about the requirement change for high visibility coloured indicators from Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC) shear heads.