Installing a new solar generator at your house


If you are installing a new solar generator at your house, the first thing to do is consider the following:


  • are you connecting a new solar micro generation system of less than 5kW total output?
  • is your premise single residential on an individual lot and currently connected to the network?
  • does the owner of the premises agree to the installation of the generation system?


If you answered yes to all three questions, please complete this form; 


Application for connection of a new micro solar generator less than 5kW output.


If you answered no to any of the above questions, please refer to our micro embedded generator connection service page to determine the right connection service for you.


If you wish to connect a new micro solar generator of less than 5 kilowatts output, it's most likely we will offer you a connection under a model standing offer for a micro embedded generator basic connection service.


Find an installer


Endeavour Energy does not make recommendations on who should install your solar power system. You can search for an approved solar installer by calling the Clean Energy Council on (03) 9929 4100 or visit theor webiste.



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